New Format - Switching to Twine 1

New updates incoming: Friday, February 16th!

I apologize for not updating sooner on this. I meant to on Friday. I moved recently and decided to input this into twine 1, where I'll need to learn new formatting tools and apply images for the text. This change will provide a more immersed experience that'll include sound effects and even gifs, if we're lucky and I can learn how to animate. There will be broken code.

I've reread the material and will be making revisions. Expect different passages and a new starting point.

For those of you playing in Safari, you'll have to switch over to Chrome or Firefox in order to play. The new version will include a file download which will have concept art, music from my friend/game composer Glen (you'll find his work on sound cloud as Conundrum), and important files for players to put their hands all over.

Coming this month: More story, another twine file for a completely different game, and things drawn on a tablet.

Thank you for your continued support. Have fun!



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